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The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Originally designed by renowned architect Joe Lee, the King and Prince Golf Course’s signature is the group of four spectacular holes gently carved from small coastal marsh islands and accessed by 800-feet of elevated cart bridges.

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Seniors Travel To Georgia’s Coast

By Jim Becker! Seniors Drawn To St. Simons Island! St. Simons Island was recently named one of the “Most Romantic” places to visit in the country. St. Simons Island, the seat of Glynn County, is the largest of the four barrier islands in Georgia’s Golden Isles. The Island offers senior visitors a variety of outdoor […]

The Design of a Golf Club

Recreational golfers spend endless hours trying to get their club into the right position at impact. They read in instructional magazines and are told by teaching professionals that their swing plane is off, that they are swinging inside to out or outside to in, that they are guilty of a myriad of other actions that […]

Marrying Consistent Length with Reliable Distance

Marrying Consistent Length with Reliable Distance

It’s a dilemma all golfers face: How can I improve my accuracy without sacrificing distance, and vice versa? Marrying consistent length with reliable distance requires awareness of four specific principles and the willingness to execute them ruthlessly. Hitting the Sweet Spot A golf club has a specific area on its surface referred to as the […]

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