Horoscope – August 2018

Welcome to St. Simons Island Horoscope – August, St. Simons Island’s best free monthly horoscopes predictions. We’ve scoured our resources to find the most accurate monthly horoscopes for our internet readers so you don’t have to. We also organize free monthly horoscopes by zodiac sign for August and every month ahead. It’s easy to find out what’s in store for you in the stars this month, we’ve got brief predictions for all signs.

Elevate your thoughts and your mood by breaking your routine. This could take the form of an extended vacation or trip — or changing the order in which you go through your day. You need to do something in order to loosen up your attitude and stimulate your vital juices. This would not be a good time to change occupations or employment, as promotion may be in order.

Talk to a close friend or colleague long and seriously before taking a major step in your business or personal life. If you still feel that you must make a change from your present set-up, do it quickly and cleanly, and do not vacillate. There could be some interesting developments in the financial affairs of someone close to you which could have lasting effects on you.

Your recent concern with your personal situation could be brought to a happy conclusion without your needing to take any steps whatsoever. Business activity could increase, bring with it increased financial stability — but also a much increased workload and additional responsibility. Accept an unexpected compliment without false humility or disclaimers.

Try curbing your appetites in all directions and learn the comfort of simplicity. This may be very difficult to do, but accomplishing this goal might well produce much happiness and personal satisfaction. Increase you vigilance over your finances — or over any which you now oversee. Expect an unusual communication from one whom you had almost forgotten.

Pay close attention to small details and you could find your income increasing by large amounts. Extra efforts on your behalf by co-workers should be rewarded in some manner, but a personal thank-you could put icing on the cake. Note carefully any changes that you want to make in a project and then follow through on supervision to make sure that things are done correctly.

An old flame could be having problems of a personal sort and could well call on you for help. Should this happen, you could find yourself becoming involved all over again, if you are not careful. Expect some financial reverses, but don’t panic over minor matters, as you could recoup strongly by hanging tight. Chances for an improvement in your job situation are good.

Late hours and too much entertaining could cause you serious health problems if carried to excess. Make an effort to spend more time with a young person who needs your guidance and support. Romantic involvement may be very pleasant, but playing too wide a field could cause you some personal embarrassment and create problems for you in career areas.

That letter you have been planning to write to an old friend should be completed without further delay, as unexpected health problems could prevent future contact for a long time. Business relationships with family members should be avoided if at all possible. A new job opportunity should be investigated thoroughly before making any type of commitment.

Send an overdue letter to a close friend or relative who may be much in need of some cheering up. Associations with people of unsavory character could cast you in the same mold in the eyes of others — especially those who have some input into your future career. A romantic situation could develop with an old friend, but don’t look for anything permanent.

Spend more time and effort to solidify recent gains and you could find yourself enjoying a longer period of happiness. Expect some problems from an old incident you had almost forgotten. You can handle them, however, if you will be frank and open in your dealings with those close to you. Try to get some time away from your work.

Alter your plans for romance if it looks like they could interfere with your career. Search for an area of compromise with a business associate who has developed an antagonistic attitude. Care should be used with medicines and medications of all kinds, particularly if you have had problems in the past with any kind of allergies. Overlook the quick temper of one close to you.

Business problems could multiply unless you make a special effort to insure personal loyalty of everybody on your team. This does not have to take the form of financial reward, although that may not be amiss, if you can afford it. A kind word or a special recognition of performance could do the trick just as well. Love of a serious kind could re-enter you life now.

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