Horoscope – December

Welcome to St. Simons Island Horoscope – December, St. Simons Island’s best free monthly horoscopes predictions. We’ve scoured our resources to find the most accurate monthly horoscopes for our internet readers so you don’t have to. We also organize free monthly horoscopes by zodiac sign for December and every month ahead. It’s easy to find out what’s in store for you in the stars this month, we’ve got brief predictions for all signs.

Stick to your guns if you believe in a cause and don’t let yourself be swayed with what some people consider “practical considerations.” In business deals, be cautious about signing your name or giving someone the go-ahead until you know all the facts. Romantic attraction to a desirable Leo could prove very exciting and it could involve a very long-term relationship.

A long vacation trip, possibly involving water, could be on the horizon for you. Take people at their word, but then make sure that they live up to it. Office procedures could be improved by some of your ideas if you will make the move to get them started. Look for correspondence or other messages from a long-time sweetheart, but be cautious in reacting to what seems like a sure thing.

Steer away from romantic involvement with a Gemini. They can often be good friends, but seldom make happy lovers. Exercise your right to speak your piece, particularly in a family or close business relationship. Avoid the error of trying to live someone else’s life for him. An excellent chance for you to shine brightly in your community could be offered to you.

Maintain your self-respect by refusing to accept unearned money, even when someone attempts to thrust it on you. Home life could be more pleasant if you get rid of the idea that you are the boss. Learn to share responsibility with others and you may find the load is much lighter. Expect others, however, to do their share and then give them the freedom to do so.

In planning a quiet weekend with your loved-one, make sure that at least one person knows where to reach you in case of emergencies. Job opportunities could abound for you now, but you might be wiser to stay with the one you have, as unexpected promotions could be already in the mill. Try to keep your social life to a minimum for awhile and get some needed rest.

Get up off your duff and quit wasting time. Your ability to turn out first-rate creative work has never been sharper, but you may not realize it because of sloppy work habits and an ingrained laziness. In romantic situations involving a married person, you would be wise to walk lightly and avoid becoming deeply involved. A close friend may call on you for help.

Let yourself go wild for a day or two. Indulge a few whims and spend some of your mad money. But don’t let it become a habit. You need a fling now and then, but you should strive to buckle down hard in between them. A good chance at a promotion or new job could be lost if you appear to be too much of a gadabout. Romance may be a little less exciting for a time.

Give serious thought to changing your lifestyle to make room for a loving and gentle Leo. Should you decide to do this, plan on a lengthy relationship, as this could be a very serious affair. In business, you could make a killing if you will just use your intelligence and make use of the knowledge that is common to all. Avoid self-indulgence and overdoing things in general for your health’s sake.

When collecting an old debt, it might be wise for you to make sure you pay one at the same time. Offer a young person the chance to benefit from your experience, but don’t be put out if they refuse it. A new love or the renewal of an old one could make your life brighter for awhile — but don’t depend on it lasting forever.

Good times are in store for you, both at the office and in your romantic life. Keep a smile on your face and avoid being cross or testy for no particular reason. In dealing with colleagues on a touchy situation, allow others to contribute, but try to keep your own hand in, as your experience may be needed. Check on a health problem without delay.

Accept what can’t be avoided, but try to do it with a smile instead of a frown. Compromise is not always a dirty word and you might profit by adding it to your vocabulary. Physical exercise and improved health habits could solve a major problem for you, but don’t try diagnosing other people unless you have a physician’s license. Keep your head down and your voice low when it involves office politics.

The good deeds of a friend may prove much more helpful to you in the long run than the flattering words of one who has his own axe to grind. Operate out in the open in romantic affairs as much as possible, because there are those who would like to have information about your affairs that could benefit them at a later time. A relative may need help.

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