Horoscope – October

Welcome to St. Simons Island Horoscope – October, St. Simons Island’s best free monthly horoscopes predictions. We’ve scoured our resources to find the most accurate monthly horoscopes for our internet readers so you don’t have to. We also organize free monthly horoscopes by zodiac sign for October and every month ahead. It’s easy to find out what’s in store for you in the stars this month, we’ve got brief predictions for all signs.

ARIES: While you know it’s not the best time, you say how you really feel at an important meeting. Even though it adds to the tension, those involved respect your opinion. An evening out with friends gets a little rowdy. Try to stay calm and keep others under control. Virgo plays an important role.

TAURUS: You end up being the bully when it comes to a family problem. No one wants to listen to reason, so you just take control of the situation. While everyone will be mad at you, they soon realize that you did the right thing. A close friend opens up to you. Be there for him or her.

GEMINI: You’re going to have to think fast on your feet when a sure thing goes awry. Don’t let the mishap throw you. Try to make a sound decision. The person you’ve been seeing wants to step up the relationship. Think about what you really want before you say yes. Libra plays a key role.

CANCER: Your sense of humor gets you through. You have a lot going on at work. Don’t let things get to you; try to laugh them off. It’s the only way to keep a good attitude. A close friend has a surprise for you. Show your appreciation – even though you don’t like it. It’s the thought that counts.

LEO: You are the center of attention at a work function. Remember that your superiors are watching you. Don’t let things get out of hand. The person you’ve been seeing stops calling. Don’t start blaming yourself. Talk to him or her to find out why it’s over. It will give you the closure that you need.

VIRGO: You’re in the right place at the right time at the end of the month. Your good nature impresses an influential person, who offers you a business proposition. Look into the facts before saying yes – but don’t rule it out immediately. A loved one needs a shoulder to cry on. Show that you care.

LIBRA: While you hate to be rude to others, it’s the only way you’re going to get people to stop bothering you. You have a lot to do, and people are counting on you. You need to do what it takes to be productive. That special someone calls you. Don’t be nervous; it’s nothing serious. Leo plays a key role.

SCORPIO: While you normally don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, you just can’t help it this month. You meet an intriguing stranger. Be yourself and you’re sure to win his or her heart. A friend needs your help. Though it comes at a bad time, you have to be supportive.

SAGITTARIUS: Keep your mind on the task at hand early in the month. It’s very important, so don’t let your thoughts wander. Stay focused because others are relying on you to get the job done. A family evening doesn’t work out. Don’t get upset, there will be many more opportunities later in the month.

CAPRICORN: Don’t be shy when meeting an interesting person late in the month. He or she can help you with a financial situation. However, they have to get to know you first. A close friend needs you to be his or her date for a business dinner. Say yes; it’s not going to be bad.

AQUARIUS: Don’t overanalyze an argument with a close friend. Don’t worry, your relationship is as strong as ever. That special someone invites you to dinner. Say yes – even though you have to rearrange your schedule for it. It means a lot to him or her and could soon mean a lot to you too.

PISCES: A co-worker needs your help this month. Don’t shy away from him or her. It really is an important matter. Your good deed does not go unnoticed. Help them get what they rightfully deserve. Friends invite you out for a night on the town. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

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