The Benefits of Exercise!

It is no secret that regular exercise can benefit everyone in many ways.

Research clearly shows that regular exercise extends life expectancy, controls weight, decreases risk of developing type 2 diabetes, decreases risk of cancer and effectively combats depression. Basically, having a regular physical fitness routine results in a healthier and happier life.

With all of these benefits so widely reported, why do so many of us have a hard time getting into and sticking with a regular exercise routine?

Many people who get started working out don’t stay with it long enough or consistently enough to see the results that would keep them motivated. So once you make the decision that exercise needs to become a part of your life, how do you fit it into your schedule and stay motivated?

John Hollman found the answer to that question by relying on the support system at a local gym.

The personalized attention available to John enabled him to lose 50 pounds (20% of his body weight) in 8 weeks! John met with the gym’s nutrition counselor and a trainer regularly. John’s results are an example of how membership in a well-staffed and fully-equipped gym can help you set personal goals, establish an efficient routine that fits in your schedule and stay motivated to get the maximum results.

Fitness needs to be customized to fit the individual. Membership in a gym can provide you with all the tools you need to meet your individual needs and to suit your personality, such as:

• State-of-the-art cardio equipment that tracks your workout;
• A well-stocked free weight section to build lean muscle (1 pound of muscle gained burns an extra 50 calories/day);
• A variety of group fitness classes taught by energetic and knowledgeable instructors;
• Personal trainers who assist in identifying the most efficient and effective methods to meet fitness goals and ensure accountability;
• Nutrition counseling to help develop healthy eating habits;
• A positive and encouraging environment.

To be successful, a fitness routine must suit the personality and preferences of the individual. Even if you find a routine you enjoy, boredom and complacency can creep in.

According to Greg Knapp, the head trainer at Powerhouse Gym who assisted John Hollman, “muscle confusion” is the key to maximizing your exercise results. Muscle confusion requires that you change and advance your workout every 2 to 3 weeks to prevent your body from adapting and reaching a plateau. Membership in a gym can provide all the support you need to get in the best shape of your life.

Powerhouse Gym features an 1,800-square-foot aerobics room with six classes per day, 50+ pieces of cardio equipment, Cycling, Tanning, Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, Cardio Cinema and more. To inquire about membership options, please call (843) 706-9700 or visit the gym at 1530 Fording Island Road in the Bridge Center. Body Max Gym, across the street in Moss Creek Village, is open 24 hours. (843) 706-5005.

By Kim Busby, Powerhouse Gym

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